Mix It Up: How to Mix Patterns and Prints Like a Pro

Mix Patterns and Prints

Mixing patterns and prints can be a great way to add interest and personality to your outfits. It can, however, be challenging to master. Here are some pointers on how to combine prints and patterns like a pro:

Start with the basics

It’s crucial to lay a strong foundation before experimenting with pattern and print mixing. Pick a neutral foundation colour like black, white, beige, or navy. This will make it simpler to incorporate patterns and designs without the ensemble becoming cluttered.

Stick to the same color family

Strict adherence to the same colour family is one of the simplest methods to combine prints and patterns. Using a blue floral skirt and a blue striped shirt as an illustration. This results in a unified appearance that isn’t overly busy.

Mix small and large prints

Mixing small and large prints is another technique to combine patterns and prints. Using a small polka dot top and a big floral skirt as an illustration. This contrasts the dress and gives it more visual flair.

Use a common theme

Mixing patterns and prints can also be made easier by sticking to a common concept, such as stripes, flowers, or geometric shapes. a striped shirt and a geometric skirt, for instance. This results in a coordinated appearance without being overly matching.

Keep it balanced

When combining patterns and prints, it’s crucial to maintain equilibrium. If you have a prominent pattern, go with a solid colour or a design that is more subdued. This will prevent the outfit from being overly garish.

Accessorize wisely

The right accessories can make or ruin an ensemble when mixing patterns and designs. Use basic footwear or bags in solid colours as your only accessories. If you do decide to wear a patterned accessory, make sure it enhances rather than detracts from the outfit.


The most crucial piece of advice when it comes to combining prints and patterns is to explore. Try out a few different combinations to discover which one suits you the best. Finding your own distinctive style and the things that make you feel confident are key.

Examples of mixed pattern outfits:

  • A striped shirt, floral skirt, and jacket in a single colour.
  • A cardigan in a solid colour and a tartan skirt go well together.
  • A dress with a geometric pattern, a leopard-print shawl, and solid-color shoes.
  • A striped skirt, a blazer in a solid color, and a floral shirt.

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