Claritin: An Effective Solution for Allergies


Claritin is the brand name for the antihistamine medicine Loratadine. It works by inhibiting the action of histamine, a chemical in the body that causes allergy symptoms. Claritin is an over-the-counter medication used to treat allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and a runny nose.

How does it work?

When a person comes into contact with an allergen, histamine is released as a defence mechanism. Histamine promotes inflammation and irritation, which results in symptoms including sneezing, itching, and a runny nose. Claritin works by preventing the allergic response by inhibiting the receptors that histamine binds to.

Dosage and Side Effects:

Claritin comes in pill, liquid, and chewable forms. Adults and children over the age of six should take one tablet or chewable tablet (10mg) once day. Half a tablet or 5mg of liquid once a day is the suggested dosage for children aged 2 to 6.

Claritin side effects include headache, dry mouth, drowsiness, and weariness. These side effects, however, are usually minor and resolve on their own. More significant side effects, such as an allergic reaction or liver issues, may occur in rare situations. Before taking this, you should consult with your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to use.

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