Tips When Collecting Military Coins

Decades ago, the use of military coins was restricted to the military as a proof of membership to divisions. Now, these coins have become collection pieces. Similar to how enthusiasts look for rare monetary coins, they also ensure that they get the best pieces for their military coin collection. Not only do these coins look amazing with their different emblems and designs, they also are great symbols of various organizations, especially within the military. Owning some of these will be heartwarming and nostalgic at the same time. Therefore, in case you are thinking of becoming a collector, military coins are amazing pieces that you may want to consider, and here are some tips to help you start your new hobby:

Decide on What You Like

Although it would be great to have a huge and varied collection in the end, it is recommended that you start with a particular subject. For instance, if you are a fan of the Air Force, then find coins that were minted for various divisions of the Air Force. This will help you focus your search later on. In addition, your collection will be more organized and interesting if you can show off a case of military coins that present the token’s evolution under a specific group in the military.
Military Coins

Do Your Research

You can find books or online materials regarding military challenge coins. These references will show you the various designs of coins that were produced and help you identify which you want to collect based on their histories, value, and significance. Your research should also include finding where you can buy these excellent pieces. To get the best advice, find a coin collector who has been on this hobby for a number of years. These experts are already well-connected so they know where the next auction will be held and already have an idea of the pieces that will be showcased. Try going with one of these collectors even if you are not yet ready to bid, as you can learn a lot from them.

Try Coin Shops and Auctions

The best places to find military coins for your collection are coin shops and auctions. There are former servicemen who have pawned their coins for cash and you may just be lucky to come upon one during your hunt. Popular pieces are often found in auctions, but you have to go there prepared because a lot of fellow collectors are willing to pay high prices for coins that they really fancy.


Be Familiar with Current Prices

Speaking of prices, try to educate yourself of the current running prices of these coins. Their age, designs, and rarity contribute to their costs, so learn to estimate how much they are worth to avoid bidding more than their approximate values. Again, you can learn this over time, especially with the help of an expert.

Inspect the Coins Closely

When buying coins for your collection, remember to inspect them closely. It will be better if you have a photo of the original coin so that you can check for authenticity. Furthermore, look for scratches or blemishes because they can lower the value of the coins.

Connect with Other Collectors

To be updated with the current news on military challenge coin collection, join a group of like-minded people. There are online group discussions that you can be a part of, where you can talk about your hobbies. You may even trade with other collectors through these venues.

You may not have served with those brave men in the military, but owning some of these coins give a sense of pride and it helps strengthen your appreciation for the sacrifices made by those people for the country and that just gives extra meaning to this type of hobby.



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