Do Your Article Writing within Fifteen Minutes

One of the biggest difficulties that writers encounter on a regular basis is having writers block. Most of the time, you just don’t know what to write and you try to occupy yourself more with other things to draw inspiration from, only to end up not overcoming writers block and wasting so much time not writing.

Content Writing

Here is a list of tips you can follow for you to prevent writers block, and for you to be able to do your article writing within the fifteen-minute time frame.

    List down the article titles you can come up with.  This is almost similar to having an idea sheet where you can write down general ideas, but with a title list, you can make a rundown of specific topics which you can choose to write about.

    Read other people’s works and draw inspiration from them. Article writing is not plagiarizing. Make one’s work your own by either covering the areas which were not tackled in the original article; by going against what they wrote; by writing a similar topic; or by elaborating on the topic and taking a deeper perspective about it.

    Articles should be easy to read so make sure that you break down the article into lists and bullet points. You may include subheadings to break the text and make paragraphs easier to read. Lists aren’t only easy on the eyes, they emphasize points too, and they also keep the details short and sweet.

    Save both your time and your energy in correcting your work by writing into an editor program.  You may use Grammarly, Ginger software, or Google Docs to look into your document for errors or for spell checking.

    Come up with “Top Ten,” or “Best of” articles where you can put mostly pictures and short descriptions for the whole content. This is a great way to collaborate and partner up with other people, where you can promote their products, services, or their websites.

    If in case you are writing an article that doesn’t interest you or if it bores you, don’t hesitate to walk away from it for a while. Have your “muse” back in article writing by doing something that excites you, and then go back on the article once the inspiration flows right through you.

Do not overdo things. If you need to keep it simple, do so. There is no need for you to use highfalutin words just to make it sound like someone else’s style. Write in the style where you are most comfortable with. Also, do not drag an article longer to convey your message clearly, and to avoid redundancy. Be straight to the point and avoid beating around the bush with your writing.

    Keep all the distractions away from your sight. As much as possible, focus on your article writing instead of getting distracted and constantly checking out your social media accounts, your text messages, or what’s being shown on the TV. Set up a working place that is free from distractions.

    Always keep a pen and paper handy at all times. You don’t know when an idea will just pop out of your head. It’s best to jot these ideas down in black and white, so you will get to write and work on these ideas eventually.

    If you can’t find the perfect words to say, don’t hesitate to quote someone else’s work. Just acknowledge your references properly, as stealing someone else’s work is not tolerable in article writing.

Keep these tips in mind so that next time you need to meet a writing deadline, you wouldn’t end up not submitting on time. Be inspired, read up, and continue your passion in writing as this is a never-ending process too, of learning.