A Look Back at Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards are parts of an electronic device that make the path to complete an  electronic circuit. But instead of the typical wires to connect each component, it has  copper strips set in a pattern on a single board, and the components are all connected to  it. Electronic devices were already in use before […]

Tips When Collecting Military Coins

Decades ago, the use of military coins was restricted to the military as a proof of membership to divisions. Now, these coins have become collection pieces. Similar to how enthusiasts look for rare monetary coins, they also ensure that they get the best pieces for their military coin collection. Not only do these coins look […]

Origin Of Golf Balls

The game of golf has been around for ages and changes have already been incorporated into the equipment and rules through the years. What is constant in the game are the golf ball and club. The golf ball has since been at the center of the sport. The first golf game was played in Scotland […]

5 Traits That Lead To Motivational-Speaker-Success

Any conference or sales meeting organizer will tell you that the success of a well-organized corporate event is hinged on the choice of the perfect motivational speaker. We at Motivational-Speaker-Success share this belief and have focused our training with that result in mind. We believe that choosing the right motivational speaker to kick off or […]